This is part of a the Alexa Skill Demo series for Normal Community High School State Farm STEM Program. To view the steps from last session click here.

Add an Alexa Skills Kit trigger Link to heading

  1. Log in to the AWS Management Console and navigate to AWS Lambda

  2. Click your function in the list to open the configuration details

  3. Click Add Trigger
    add trigger

  4. Under add triggers, click Alexa Skills Kit to select the trigger.
    add trigger

  5. Under Configure triggers, select Enable for Skill ID verification.

  6. Make sure Skill ID verification is Enabled.

  7. Enter your Skill ID in the Skill ID edit box.

  8. Click Add.
    alexa skills kit trigger

  9. Go to the Function ARN Google Sheet and enter yes next to your group under the Skill ID Added to Lambda.

Clone Repository Link to heading

  1. Open Visual Studio Code click the Source Control Button.
    source control button

  2. Click Clone repository. In the text prompt provide the url:
    clone repository

Edit the Skill Code Link to heading

  1. Click the Explorer Button.

  2. Expand the src and handlers directory and open
    hello world

  3. Edit the speechText in the handle method to say something unique for your group. Get creative. Don’t just keep the standard "Hello World", this will be what makes your skill unique for your group. Be sure to save the file when you are done.

Build The Skill Code Link to heading

  1. Open the Visual Studio Code Command Pallete (Ctrl + Shift + P) and select Tasks: Run Build Task to build a jar file for your skill. The jar file will be output to the project directory with the name alexa-skill-demo.jar
    run build task

Upload the Jar File to your Function Link to heading

  1. Upload the JAR file produced in the previous step under Function code.
    upload jar

  2. Your code is now deployed. See a mentor and let’s run your new Alexa Skill!

Bonus Link to heading

There is much more you can do. Below is a link to Amazon’s documentation on Alexa skills. Check it out and see what else you can do!

Resources Link to heading